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Planting Instructions

When cuttings are received from Fairchild Farms, unpack from the box of wet paper and plastic and soak the cuttings in water for 48 hours prior to planting. This gives the cutting the best start on their growth cycle. If you're unable to plant immediately, store the cuttings in their original package or if they're already unpacked, store them in a plastic bag in the fridge.

At planting time, stick cuttings the right way up (buds up) in trays or pots burying ¾ of cutting and leaving ¼ of cutting above ground. Keep well watered in a partly shady location for 10 to 14 weeks until the cuttings are well rooted and leafed out, then plant in their permanent site.

If you are planting them directly in the field, follow the previous instructions as to depth but shade is not necessary. Keep them well watered. If you are growing them as a tree form, then single the plant down to one shoot only.

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