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My name is Richard Porter and I raise grassfed beef here in Hamilton Wentworth, one hour west of Toronto Canada.

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Most beef farms or "Feed Lots", feed cattle grain and corn to fatten the animals as fast as possible making the meat high in fat content. This is the meat that is sold at most grocery stores. The animals are kept in the feed lot from the time they are weaned from their mothers where they are fed on a high fat diet and growth hormones.

Grass fed or range fed beef cattle at Fairchild Farm are raised strictly on grass in the summer and hay in the winter. As a result of not feeding grain to the animals, the meat is extremely lean and an excellent source of protein. We do not use any growth hormones, so the animals grow at a natural rate making the meat very low in fat, about the same amount as skinless chicken. The low fat content makes grass fed beef much lower in calories than beef raised on grain.

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How To Find Us

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GPS Coordinates: 43 21' 10.84 North - 80 11' 12.61 West

(TIP: Set Your GPS for the African Lion Safari,and then head North on Cooper road to the stop at Concession #8. Turn right, go about half a kilometre and our driveway will be on your left.
Look for the blue barns.